Providing excellent service to your financial needs.


We are a financial services company that works hard for you. We can help you with your investments, your retirement accounts, your savings, your life insurance needs, your Social Security benefits, and to help you with ease of mind so that you do not have to concern yourself with the stock market swings that can take your breath away! Why? Because in 25+ years of business none of our clients have lost even one dime of principal with using our recommendations. We offer superior service and can help you to save money on taxes for your business and to protect your nest egg.

Our Service To You

We offer stock market protection for your retirement accounts, estate planning for larger estates, decent returns on investment and life insurance to leave an inheritance for your heirs. We also offer extreme tax savings on small to medium sized firms and the ability to pay the “death tax” with no out of pocket costs to you. The savings can be from 22% all the way up to 56%. We also will return your phone calls & emails! You will receive the service that you deserve.


quotes The service that I received was 2nd to none. Mr. Harris helped me by moving my accounts from my stock broker to his recommended products and I was able to keep my principal intact right before the 2008 crash. If I left them in the market I would have been wiped out. – Bessie W.

quotes Mr. Harris came just in time! I was running out of money and running out of time. He helped me to move my accounts where they were dwindling from the stock market downturn. He helped me to eliminate $1,000 of monthly debt and increase my income by $1,200 per month. Wow. I am at peace as my retirement accounts continue to grow and I have an income that I cannot outlive. Thank you Jay! – Carmen M.

quotes When we first met Jay we were not sure what to do. He was very extensive in going over our accounts where we found that we were break even after 10 years! Not a good way to retire. He helped us to move the accounts to where they would be save & grow at a decent rate. – Dennis & Cindi E.